Custom Retail Packaging : Custom Retail Boxes

Do you want to sell your brand’s/company name in a unique and affordable way? Then is the right selection for you. From start-to-finish, we will take care of your choices and demands. Whether you are attending an event or supplying your product to the retail market our custom retail packaging will always stand out as the best.

Innovative Designs

Our team designs state-of-the-art designs which are not only advanced structurally but aesthetically as well. Retail packaging are tailored according to the product to be packaged and client’s need. All sorts of shapes and sizes can be manufactured for the retail packaging boxes. These boxes and custom retail packaging not only deliver your product but publicize your brand name as well.

Key Features

All our custom printed retail packaging boxes are one of a kind and unique. An innovative design is always available to make them alluring and ready to be bought. The main reason for this is our advanced options to make these custom retail packaging boxes attractive. The most common features of them are Coating, Lamination, Custom die cutting, Window Patching, Embossing and Debossing.

100% Satisfactory Material

The material used in the manufacture is usually cardboard which is of high quality and strength. This makes the box more durable and unlikely to get damaged. For the product to be delivered safely an additional sheet of bubble wrap can also be provided.

Why choose us?

Dodo packaging has always kept its customers first in terms of choices and designing. We design according to the client’s demand and never fail at this. We produce only high quality and sought-after packaging. Our highly qualified customer care staff is always available to guide you for a perfect custom retail packaging box.

Order & Delivery

Feel free to contact us at to get your custom retail packaging at proficient rates on your doorsteps.You can get more ideas of custom retail boxes and custom retail packaging by contacting us at