Figure & Pattern

Dodo packaging offers the most tasteful best terminations in packaging of your items that are elite for an extensive variety of individual care items like soaps, fluid cleansers, shampoos and conditioners and so on and in addition for different medicinal items. Our most solid and finest best conclusion gives simple apportioning of the item.

There are various styles that dodo packaging offer and figure and pattern are one of them. The boxes that lie in this category are mostly used for practical storage and have a classy look. The types include bowl sleeves, foot lock tray boxes, double wall tray and gable boxes.

Bowl sleeves are used to protect bowls during the distributing of bowls. They are not only used for bowls but also used for any fragile item that is prone to damage by little pressure. They are available in any size and shape according to your choice.
Foot lock tray boxes are also one of a kind of figure and pattern. They are the most suitable and are mainly used for bakery items and clothing. They are made of cardboard which makes them easy to carry and of lighter weight. These are mainly preferred by retail stores.

Double wall tray is also one of the types of figure and pattern. They are mainly used by the clothing industry. The elegance of the double wall tray is sufficient to make the product attractive. Gable boxes are also famous for their strong and beautiful composure. They are widely used for gift boxes and takeaways. They are easy to carry because of handles at the top of them.

So get your appropriate type of figure and pattern from dodo packaging. We deliver it within 4 to 6 business days. Also if you want it urgent we provide premium delivery services.