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Dodo packaging is an eco friendly box producer which offers different eco-friendly green alternatives for your chipboard boxes or custom eco friendly boxes. We utilize the most eco-friendly paper accessible, we utilize soy-based ink, we offer water-based watery coatings, we utilize 100% breeze power, and we have a huge recycling program.

Purchase top-notch, uniquely designed eco friendly boxes from Dodo packaging. We at Dodo packaging make eco friendly boxes of all shapes and sizes as it is our need to take into account your particular prerequisites. By all shapes, we truly mean all like circle, square shape, tower, crystal or hexagon. You should simply disclose to us what you wish to gain and we will get it going. Additionally, we ensure that the eco friendly boxes are created in all sizes with the goal that you can undoubtedly pack your items in it.

In spite of, offering customization with respect to the shape and size of the case we likewise give you full control over the outline of the case. You are given the chance to build up an outline that you regard fits with the picture of your item. You simply need to give us the engravings that should be engraved on the container and we will mirror them precisely like you need. In any case, on the off chance that you can't make a special, eye getting outline our group will enable you to out. Furthermore, the best part is we give help free of cost. It's hard to believe, but it's true colleagues not exclusively do we give exquisite plans that compliment your items yet, in addition, we enable you to spare cost by giving free help.

Moreover, we give distinctive extra alternatives. Like you could request that we add a window slice to the box with the goal that you get a look at your item. Additionally, you have the external surface enhanced with decorating or raised ink designs whatever you think will influence your case to emerge. Likewise, extraordinary adornments like bows and strips could be added to the case to give it a charming look. Additionally, you choose the shade of the container too.

We ensure that we utilize superb material to make the case so it has the ability to withstand some sort of weight. Additionally, we make it sure that the surface of the case is smooth to contact and take a gander at. You can either have it sparkled or tangled whatever suits you the best.

Your comfort is our need and we attempt our best to convey on what we guarantee. To give you affirmation that we make the crate like you need we offer 3D taunt up trails. However, in the event that you wish to inspect the case face to face, we likewise encourage you by offering physical examining.

At Dodo Packaging, you can put in a request of least of 100 boxes and a most extreme of 500,000 boxes. Normally we convey that bundle inside 4 to 6 business days. Be that as it may, if there should arise an occurrence of crises we attempt our best to convey the request quickly.

Your accommodation and straightforwardness is our aphorism so we ensure that the eco friendly boxes are customized to meet all your particular prerequisites. So hustle just a bit and visit Dodo packaging to get the custom eco friendly boxes precisely like you need.You can get more ideas of custom eco friendly boxes and custom eco friendly packaging by contacting us at